One Friday night…

…I will challenge myself (and any other crazies that wanna join me) to accomplish everything in Katy Perry’s hit song, “Last Friday Night.”¬†This means that I will have to accomplish several things in various time frames:

Friday night:

  • Dance on table tops
  • Take too many shots
  • Kiss someone and think that I forgot
  • Max my credit card (:[ :[ :[)
  • Get kicked out of a bar
  • Hit the boulevard (I’m thinking Las Vegas Boulevard)
  • Streak in the park
  • Skinny dip in the dark
  • Have a menage a trois (woo)
  • Be unsure about the legality of an action
  • Say that I’m gonna stop

The following Saturday morning:

  • Host a stranger in my bed
  • Suffer from pounding in my head
  • Find glitter all over my room…
  • …And pink flamingos in my pool
  • Smell like a minibar (so, like, alcohol, I guess)
  • Find a DJ passed out in the yard
  • Discover Barbie on the barbecue
  • Have a hickey or a bruise, and be unsure about which of the two it really is
  • Try to connect the dots
  • Be unsure of what to tell my boss¬†
  • Think that the city towed my car (:[ :[ :[)
  • Find the chandelier on the floor
  • Rip my favorite party dress (awww)
  • Have a warrant out for my arrest (:[[[[[[[[[[)
  • Need a ginger ale
  • Have pictures from last night end up online
  • Be screwed (oh well)
  • Struggle to remember last night, as it is a blacked-out blur
  • Assure myself that it ruled (dayum!)

Finally, next Friday night:

  • Do it all again.




(Hopefully, I can work a Kenny G solo up in there somehow)

A dramatization of me, the morning after.